The Top 5 Catholic Podcasts To Get You Through Everyday Life

When I first got an MP3 player it was 2006. I was working as a maintenance guy at my parish, which left me with a lot of time to listen to music and podcasts. Podcasts were brand new at the time and there weren’t many shows out there. Only a handful of podcasts existed, but these shows changed my faith life dramatically.

What Are Podcasts?

Podcasts are essentially radio shows that aren’t usually on the radio – anybody can buy some basic equipment, record a show, and put it up online. Podcasts are a great way to learn or be entertained (or both!) while on a walk, on a run, driving, washing dishes, folding laundry, etc. I almost never do any of these things without a podcast on – if I’m performing a monotonous task I may as well be entertained and/or growing my faith life at the same time!

What Podcasts Are We Looking At?

Below is a list of our top five Catholic podcastsThere are many others out there, some that we’ve listened to and some that we haven’t yet, but these five have stood the test of time.

We occassionally listen to shows that are meant to explain and defend the Catholic faith, and these are really important for spiritual development, but we most regularly come back to (and look forward to) the shows that have a more Catholicism-in-daily-life type of focus. If you are looking for a show that explains the Faith we suggest Catholic Answers or EWTN.

Here we go!

The Top 5 Catholic Podcasts

Number 5: Vatican Radio – Clips-ENG


Every day Vatican Radio puts out about half a dozen clips from their radio programming that cover the day’s news. Most of these clips are only one or two minutes long, though some are longer. These podcasts cover news and events from all around the world, but we really like the daily updates on the pope. You will get the translations of the pope’s Wednesday audience and Sunday Angelus and any other speeches or homilies he gives, and also the full update on what is going on around the Vatican.

Check Out Vatican Radio Podcast Online

Number 4: “The Break” with Fr. Roderick Vonhogen


Fr. Roderick is a priest from the Netherlands who speaks impeccable English and has been producing podcasts since the very beginning of podcasting – he even got the Vatican started on podcasting! Fr. Roderick produces multiple podcasts, but our favorite is “The Break” which he produces weekly. This show covers the intersection of Catholicism with the world – topics such as current news, movies, video games, books, travel, and Catholicism are regularly touched on. It is Catholic without being overly Catholic, and it is in-touch with the world without being overly worldly, making the show enjoyable even for those who aren’t Catholic. It is important to note that Fr. Roderick is quite the science fiction geek (he even wrote a book called Geekpriest), which makes this show even more approachable to your average pop-culture listener who may not expect such entertaining discussion to come from a Catholic priest!

Check Out “The Break” on iTunes and Online
Click Here to Learn More About Father Roderick Vonhogen


Number 3: “Adventures in Imperfect Living” with Greg and Jennifer Willits

Greg and Jennifer Willits

In the early days of podcasts one of the most popular Catholic shows was the Rosary Army podcast with Greg and Jennifer Willits. That podcast came to an end when Greg and Jennifer started a daily show for the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM, but now that gig is over and they are back to podcasting with their show “Adventures in Imperfect Living.” Listening to this podcast feels like you are just catching up with your Catholic neighbors. It is honest and funny and can sometimes be emotional. We don’t know of anybody who is more sincere in their search for deeper faith than Greg and Jennifer, and they inspire us to work harder on our faith every day.

Greg and Jennifer wrote a book together called The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living which we highly recommend to those looking to get in touch with their faith, and Greg has also written a book on his own called The New Evangelization and You: Be Not Afraid that will equip and motivate you to live out the New Evangelization (our review of this book can be found Here).

Check Out “Adventures in Imperfect Living” on iTunes and Online
Click Here to Learn More About Greg and Jennifer Willits


Number 2: “Catholic In a Smalltown” with Mac and Katherine Barron

Mac and Katherine Barron

If there is a show that feels like you are sitting on the porch enjoying a beer or cup of coffee with your hilarious, slightly-irreverent-but-still-very-Catholic neighbors, it is “Catholic in a Smalltown.” They talk about happenings in the world, entertainment such as movies and TV shows, and Catholic stuff from the perspective of a family in a small, middle-of-nowhere town in Georgia that doesn’t have many Catholics. And we promise they will have you laughing uncontrollably throughout each episode.

Check Out “Catholic In a Smalltown” on iTunes and Online
Click Here to Learn More About Mac and Katherine Barron


Number 1: “The Catholic Guy Show” with Lino Rulli

We refresh iTunes every day hoping there is a new podcast episode of “The Catholic Guy Show.” This is actually a radio show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio that releases an hour or so a week for free via podcast. And the show is hilarious! If you want a funny, slightly irreverent but always sincere show that talks about the Catholic faith and life as a Catholic you will certainly enjoy this show.
Everything that Lino Rulli does comes with a high recommendation from us, including his books “Sinner” and “Saint.”

Check Out “The Catholic Guy Show” on iTunes and Online
Click Here to Learn More About Lino Rulli

Honorable Mention

Catholic Insider

Father Roderick, host of “The Break” mentioned above, also puts out a show called the Catholic Insider. This isn’t a regularly scheduled podcast, which is why it isn’t on the list above, but it captures some incredible moments via podcast – from the death of John Paul II and the election of Pope Benedict XVI, through many other events of the Church including the resignation of Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis – all recorded live and in person at the events with a mobile recorder. If you listen to only one episode of this podcast, check out This One which is a live recording from St. Peter’s square from the white smoke announcing the selection of a pope through the announcement of Pope Francis. Feel the joy of the Church at such an event. You will be hooked and you will find it well worth your time to revisit older episodes of this show.

Check Out “Catholic Insider” on iTunes and Online

Lino at Large

A show that no longer airs, Lino At Large is a half-hour show by Lino Rulli (host of “The Catholic Guy Show”) which teaches the faith with a whole lot of humor mixed in. The show is very informative – I only know there are 27 books in the New Testament and 73 total in the Bible because of this show. The show is also very engaging and will make you laugh – I like to listen to Lino at Large on long drives to help me stay awake. Even though the show is no longer produced, there are dozens and dozens of episodes available on iTunes for you to enjoy.

Check Out “Lino at Large” Online

Is there another podcast that you think should be on this list? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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  • I’m going to have to check out these other podcasts. I’ve been listening to “Catholic Stuff You Should Know” for awhile now and I highly recommend them! catholicstuffpodcast[dot]com!

  • PLM

    Catholic Stuff You Should KNow definitely. With Fr. John Nepel and Nathan Goebel, they do an excellent job!

    • Linda

      These guys are great; helped assure me conversion to Catholicism was the right thing to do and definitely the main factor in husband’s subsequent conversion (a year later). They showed him the beauty of Catholic doctrine with appealing man-ly earthiness; none of the religious airs or self-righteous “piousness” we have been accustomed to for so many years, and which was such a turn-off to him. Wish the podcasts were more frequent or longer- I depend on them to get through my solitary and sometimes tedious work day and twice-weekly 5 hrs commutes.

  • John W

    i-Padre Catholic Podcast with Father Jay Finelli is terrific and has been around since the advent of podcasting. It is terrific. Music, news, topic of the day, interviews, special announcements…all things Catholic and then some. Check out the back episodes!

  • Renewal Ministries

    Check out “Food for the Journey” with Sr. Ann Shields and “Fire on the Earth” with Peter Herbeck, both available to subscribe at Each one is solid and inspiring. Sr. Ann focuses in thoughts on the readings at Mass for the day, while Peter looks at what’s going on in the world through a Catholic lens, with fascinating guests appearing rather frequently.

  • I’d like to add Good Things Radio with Brooke Taylor and Our Catholic Way with Kim Tisor (disclosure – that’s mine!) 😀 OCW interviews converts to Catholicism. Thank you for all of your suggestions!

  • Priscilla McCaffrey

    Maybe try a new one from Catholic Media Apostolate: Catholic Homeschool Radio where we start conversations of interest to all parents. Go to Click on Catholic Homeschool Radio. See ya!

  • Daniela Chamorro

    I really like the podcast The art of Catholic from Matthew Leonard, Taylor Marshall Catholic show, The Catholic Foodie, Adventures in imperfect living, The Catholic Guy show, Jimmy Akin Podcast, Uncommon Sense (GK Chesterton lovers), Journey home, Daily bread and Jennifer Fulwiler.

    The art of catholic is really interesting and sometimes brings me to tears, Adventures in imperfect living is quite and amazing show, it has make me laugh like crazy and also give me hope on my everyday life. And as for Daily bread Father really explains in a beautiful way how daily Scriptures can become to life when you start living a daily notion of actions and love towards the Eucharist, the Living bread that sustains our Faith and Church. Lino Rulli is great! Very touching podcasts in general.