Catholic Retreat Centers

Retreat Centers in the US and Canada

Retreats are an integral part of the Catholic faith. It is healthy to get away from everyday life, rest, and renew your faith regularly. If you have never been on a retreat and are not sure where to start, or if you don’t know where to look for retreat centers near you, we are here to help.

Retreat options range from monasteries with guest rooms or hermitages to full-time, single-focus retreat centers that offer a multitude of retreats and programs throughout the year.

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Canada Retreat Centres

There are more than fifty Catholic retreat centres across Canada, including existing or planned retreat centres in every province and territory except Nunavut. Choose your area from the map below to find a retreat centre near you.


Retreat Centers and Retreat Houses

There are hundreds of Catholic retreat centers and retreat houses around the country. You may be looking for a nearby retreat center to make logistics easier, or you may be looking for a retreat further from home that will allow you to get away from the familiar. Either way, there are likely to be several options for Catholic retreats in your desired location.

There is not really any difference between retreat centers and retreat houses, other than name. You will often see the term “retreat house” used when the retreat is held at a religious community, such as within the grounds of a monastery or abbey. You might see a “retreat center” as more of a stand-alone building. There are exceptions both ways, though, and the terms are generally used interchangeably.

Weekend Retreats

The most common retreat is a weekend retreat. On a typical weekend retreat you will arrive at the retreat house on Thursday or Friday evening and will stay there through Sunday afternoon. While weekend retreats are quite popular because of work schedules, there are many other options available. Some retreats may be a single afternoon, but there are even options like 30 day retreats.Typically the retreat center will have housing available for all of the retreat participants to stay in if the retreat is more than a day long.

The retreat may be “preached,” where you will have a speaker (or several) talking about a specific theme at scheduled talks throughout the weekend. It might be a “directed” retreat, which has less structure and is more dependent on activities and prayers assigned by a personal spiritual director throughout the weekend.

Silent Retreats

There are many different types of Catholic retreats available, but one that really catches attention is the silent retreat. Silence is difficult to come by in a busy world, and many of us don’t know what to do with ourselves during times of silence. Television, radios, cell phones, and computers have taken away times of silence and contemplation, and these retreats are meant to restore it. These retreats are what they advertise – no talking to other retreatants, even when you are seated together for dinner.

Silent retreats may be preached or directed, but they always leave plenty of time for prayer, contemplation, and listening to God. They may last a weekend, a week, or even 30 days. If everyday life is becoming overwhelming a silent retreat may be just the thing to help you relax, calm your spirit, and find God in your life again.

Retreats for Women and Retreats For Men

An increasingly popular type of retreat is one that is just for women or just for men. These retreats are especially important for busy parents, allowing for a spouse get away for some time of quiet rejuvenation and prayer. Women’s retreats and men’s retreats are also good for single individuals, allowing them to spend some sororital or fraternal time with others interested in the faith while also getting away from everyday life.

Family Retreats

Some Catholic retreat centers provide time for family retreats, which are often mostly-unstructured time set aside for families to get away from the business of the world and spend time together in a quiet and spiritual environment. Centers will also occasionally provide directed retreats that are meant for entire families to grow closer together while growing in their faith.