Retreat Books: “Light of the World”

If you are looking for a fascinating, approachable book about the Catholic faith to take with you on retreat think about picking up “Light of the World,” a conversation between Peter Seewald and Pope Benedict XVI.

Light of the World” is an in-depth, multi-day interview of Pope Benedict XVI with his biographer, Peter Seewald. The book provides you with glimpses into the life of the Pope, the reasoning behind decisions made for the Church, and a deeper understanding of the key tenets of the Catholic faith and how the apply to the world.

Seewald asks the Pope many of the hard questions about the Faith and about noteworthy events and scandals in the Church that will help you get a better grasp and grow in a deeper respect for the Catholic faith. Some of the topics discussed include life as the Pope, relativism in the world, Marian apparitions, the proclaiming of the Gospels, how the Church and faith relate to society, the abuse scandal, ecumenism, reforms in the Church, and more.

Benedict XVI unpacks the theology and relates the events in the Church in a thorough, scholarly manner that is still easily digestible. The question-and-answer format of the book makes it readable and keeps it from becoming overwhelming, but it is so interesting that you may want to read it straight through.

If you want a book to take with on a retreat that will help you to better understand the Catholic faith and how it relates to the world, pick up “Light of the World” by Peter Seewald and Pope Benedict XVI.


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