Now Listing Catholic Retreat Centres in Canada

You have been asking, and now we have improved even more. When you search the retreat center directory at you are able to find more that 400 retreat centers across the United States. Now, finally, you are able to search all of the Catholic retreat centres in Canada as well.

This site now lists more than 50 retreat centres across Canada, including listings for current or proposed retreat centres in every province and territory except Nunavut (which doesn’t have any retreat centres). We might mention that the Yukon Territories do not currently have a retreat centre either, but there is one planned for the near future.

Which province has the most retreat centres? Ontario and Quebec each have twelve, so if you are looking for a wide variety of retreat centres in a small area those would be the regions to start looking in. If you speak French then Quebec is obviously the place to look. Many of the retreat centres (and dioceses) in Quebec only have listings in French, though.

Fun fact: Canada has only about a ninth of the population that the United States has. Canada has about an eighth of the number of retreat centres that the United States contains, but the number of dioceses is actually more than a third of the number that the U.S. has. Thus, the number of Catholics served by each diocese in Canada is, on average, a lot lower than in the U.S., but the number of Catholics served by each retreat centre is about the same.

We did a pretty thorough search to create our database of Catholic retreat centres in Canada, but if you know of any that we missed please let us know via our Contact page!

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