List a Retreat is the largest Catholic-specific retreat directory online. Since 2013 we have served as the central place to find retreat centers in the US and Canada.

As Google’s top-ranked site for most Catholic Retreat-related keywords, averages over 16,400 page views per month of very targeted traffic looking specifically for Catholic retreats (as of 04/2017).

Listing Retreats by Event

There has been overwhelming demand from our visitors for the ability to search retreat event offerings between retreat centers around the country, rather than visiting retreat center websites one by one to look through their offerings.

As a result, we have begun building a searchable database to match up aspiring retreatants with the retreat they are looking for.

This database will be found at

The scope of this project is large – there are hundreds of retreat centers in North America – but ultimately we hope that it will allow more Catholics to participate in retreats, and will help retreat centers to fill up each of their retreats to capacity.

While there are costs related in powering a searchable database adding listings, and keeping them updated, we hope to keep the cost per listing low enough that just one extra retreatant singing up for a retreat more than covers the cost of that listing.

Low, Flat, One Time Fee per Retreat

Each retreat listed is a flat, one-time fee of $7 for each one-time retreat (that occurs on a specific date) or $7 per year for retreats that are available on an open basis (such as hermitages available for retreats).

Free edits are included (such as when dates, times, or speakers change after the listing is added to the database).

Now through July 31, 2017 your first three retreat event listings in the database are free.

For example, if you list ten retreats in the searchable database the first three will cost $0, and the other seven will cost $7 each for a total order of $49.

We suggest not listing any retreats that begin before August, 2017,  as we will not be pushing to drive traffic to this searchable database until we have added enough listings to make sure it is worthwhile for visitors to use.

For hermitages, guesthouses, and other accommodations that are available to be reserved year-round there will be a fee of $10 per year per listing. Before July 31, 2017, however, we are offering an “early joiners” discount that will lock in a reduced cost of $7 per year per listing for as long as you continually list your retreat accommodations.

No Duration Limit for Listings

You can list all of your one-time retreats for the next two years, for example, and they will all be visible in the directory immediately until the time of the retreat for the basic $7 fee.

Once information about the retreats is submitted they will be added to the searchable database and an invoice will be sent to you via email. The invoice can be paid via credit card or check.

Retreats will be listed immediately, but will be removed if the invoice is not paid within 30 days.

The free listing of your retreat center’s location and contact information will remain in our directory, searchable by state, at regardless of whether you choose to list your retreat events in our searchable database.

If you would like to include more information about your retreat center in that directory, such as a short description or picture, we would be happy to add it. Simply contact us using the information below.

All the Information You Need to Display

Typical listings include retreat name, retreat type, retreat center name, diocese, address, and contact information, retreat description, speaker, start and end dates, cost, registration information, and map location.

We are also willing to include any information or pictures that you would like to add.

Submitting Retreat Events to List

To have your retreats listed in the database, simply open and fill out the following document with your retreat center and event information. Save the document and attach it on an email to rhen (at)

Retreat Listing Information Template Document (MS Word Document)

You may also copy and paste the following template into an email to rhen (at) and fill it out with the information that you would like listed. Include event information for each retreat event that you would like listed.

Retreat Listing Information template:

Retreat Center Information
Retreat Center Name:
Retreat Center Phone:
Retreat Center Email:
Contact Person (for database information):
Contact Person Phone:
Contact Person Email:

Retreat Event #1
Retreat Name:
Retreat Type:
Retreat Description:
Start and End Dates:
Registration Information:
Other Information:

Retreat Event #2
Retreat Name:
Retreat Type:
Retreat Description:
Start and End Dates:
Registration Information:
Other Information:

(copy and paste the above for as many events as you would like to list).

Please feel free to reach out to Rhen with any questions at rhen (at)