Retreats for Engaged Couples: Catholic Engaged Encounter

Months of planning goes into your wedding day, but many couples fail to look past the big day to the years of their marriage afterward. Catholic Engaged Encounter offers weekend retreats around the US (and around the world) to help engaged couples do just that.

Engaged Encounter

A popular retreat for engaged couples is Catholic Engaged Encounter. Engaged Encounter puts on weekend retreats including a series of presentations led by a team of married couples and a priest.

The weekends allow engaged couples to get away from the distractions of daily living and prepare for their lives together by honestly and intensively discussing everything from their strengths and weaknesses to their life goals and expectations.

While the retreat is held at a retreat center or similar venue with other couples in attendance, there are no “group discussion” or “group therapy” sessions. Between the presentations time is set aside for the couples to talk privately.

The purpose of the presentations during a Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend is to discuss what marriage has meant to the married couples and how a great marriage consists of much more than just the wedding day.

The presentations will not “tell you how to live,” but they will offer ideas and tools to help you in your marriage and will start discussions between you and your fiancé to help strengthen your relationship.

What is a Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend Like?

The Engaged Encounter experience varies somewhat depending on your location. Many weekends are held at retreat centers, but some are held at schools or hotels.


The weekend will start on either Friday night or Saturday morning and go through Sunday afternoon. Presentations are held throughout the weekend, with time in between for discussion with your fiancé. There is not much free time allotted during an Engaged Encounter retreat. This is an intense weekend designed to strengthen your relationship before marriage, but not necessarily a relaxing weekend.


In some cases there is lodging provided for the retreat participants (such as at a retreat center with dormitories) but other locations host “commuter” weekends where participants must arrange their own lodging and drive to the retreat each day.

Retreats that provide lodging may put you in a room with a roommate for the weekend but the roommate will be somebody of the same gender, not your fiancé.

Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekends in Spanish

There are options for Catholic Retreats Encounter weekends in Spanish in the United States in both California and Arizona.


The cost of a Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend varies, depending on the location. To find the cost of a weekend in your area you will need to look up local offerings using the map linked in the next section.

Where Are Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekends Offered?

These retreats are hosted in at least one or two locations in almost every state in the US. There are also options around the world.

To find a location near you please visit the Catholic Engaged Encounter Map.

To learn more about Catholic Engaged Encounter, visit their website.

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