A Completed Directory of U.S. Catholic Retreat Centers

After two months of diligent work the directory of Catholic retreat centers in the United States is finally [mostly] done! I have gone through all 50 states and listed every retreat center that could be found on the internet. Of course I will be going back and improving the format and adding any retreat centers that were missed, but as it stands right now we have over 400 Catholic retreat centers listed on the site.

As I shift from data collection to improving the format of the site, I also intend to start blogging regularly on the topic. We’ll talk about the different types of retreats, how to find the best retreat for your needs, what happens on a retreat, what to bring with on a retreat, and prayer on retreat (as well as prayer in general). We’ll also touch on problems at retreat centers, such as the infiltration of New Age philosophies, and the reasoning behind intentionally leaving some retreat centers off of our listings. To round things out, we’ll additionally discuss ways to create your own “retreat” experience if you aren’t able to get away to a retreat center.

I can’t wait to share with you some retreat experiences that I have had, and also some of the things that I learned while looking through the websites of every Catholic diocese in the United States. Let’s get started!


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